The benefits of sport on health


Physical activity has numerous virtues and is an excellent way to guard against chronic disease.
The practice of regular physical activity has many benefits, sometimes unsuspected:

It helps to have a good physical condition which, beyond improving your sports performance, facilitate your daily life.
It protects against the onset of cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction and angina), regardless of age.

It protects against some cancers in particular that of the female breast, prostate in men, and colon cancer in both sexes.
It reduces the risk of diabetes and helps to better balance the sugar levels in the blood (blood sugar).
It facilitates the stability of blood pressure.
It is effective for maintaining weight and shape can reduce the risk of obesity.
It reduces the risk of back pain.
It improves sleep.
It fights effectively against stress, depression, anxiety.
It improves the aging process and protects against the loss of autonomy.