Testimonials for Ageless Personal Training

WilliamOHerronWilliam A O’Herron
“I have known Mario for over 5 years and have recommended his work to many of my friends and their children. He has helped train, mentor and coach my wife and daughter. He is an inspiration, a guiding force on both the physical plane in the gym and soccer field, but also in the mental and emotional domains with and for his clients. His mission in life is to improve the lives of his clients and the community in which they (we) live.”


RobinRoscilloRobin Roscillo
“Mario ”started training me about ten years ago. We trained at my office as part of a health program sponsored by my company. When I realized how much Mario was helping me, and more importantly, what a good person he was, I asked him to train my two duaghters at my home. Both my daughters benefitted from his expertise, as well as from his inate ability to inspire people to do their best.”


??????????Nancy Cingari
“After working with Mario, I feel motivated and full of life — with a hectic schedule and a demanding role I play, in my community, my level of energy has shot up and things have become much easier as a result of training with Mario. While I have trained with other professional trainers, there is no other than Mario as he has the knack of making his clients feel an increasing level of comfort and trust. I have certainly become more aware of my body and how I feel.”


chipChip Cingari
“Working with Mario has brought great results to my health and levels of energy. He customizes routines to fit personal needs and genuinely cares for his clients.”


tammyTammy Fleischer
“I am grateful for Mario’s positive influence in my son’s life. Not only has Mario been instrumental in increasing his self-confidence, he has also provided a strong focus on health and wellness in his formative years.”


betsyBetsy Bell, Fortune 500 Client
“Mario added a valuable element to  the Health and Wellness program by introducing one-on-one on-site fitness training.  His holistic and results-oriented approach enhanced program design and  offered employees personalized support to reach their fitness goals.”


?EJ Walton
“Not many people love to exercise, Mario distracts your mind and makes the workout fun and entertaining. At my age, I feel stronger and healthier, my brain is sharper and I have a great amount of energy to enjoy life.”


LauraLaura Mertz
“Mario is positive and has brought the best out of me. He knows my limits and I feel great and energetic as a result of working with him.“


KelemanAlexandria Kelemen
“Mario very easily adapts to my need, paying attention to details for maximum potential. He has a great sense of humor and his knowledge on mind/body is amazing. I have had great results.